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hmm... [28 May 2005|05:21pm]
[ mood | blank ]

the summer is full of fun, fun, fun, fun...... lol but my uje isnt with me.... so its kinda boring right now. but im off to gicas house tomorrow to shwiiiiiiim (-^__^- i love swimming).... kaayyy!! off me go!

ps- XAIO-CHAN! yay! you got the internet bacccckkkk!!! -^__^- -glomps-

<33333, mary

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[28 Apr 2005|03:08pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

...15 essays due tomorrow.... 13 done...b/c i was absent today... ^^;

an american history test to study for... i can procrastinate that tomorrow morning, right?... RIGHT?! ;-;

.....im dead. X_X

.....but hey, at least my boy still loves me. ... ;)

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Officially... [21 Mar 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | loved ]


never been so happy...


i've never been so blessed...



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[27 Feb 2005|12:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


thanks for the comments! -hugs- ^^ sorry i never really update this thing! but im ... somewhat... trying! xD lol newho! i think i like someone again, though, im kinda deciding if i should stop or not b/c i get confused with the way he acts! ohh the drama! >__>

hm... its been raining all morning... i want it to rain again! ^^; its still a bit cloudy...

people are gonna be in my room tomorrow b/c they're gonna fix my windows... X__X darnnit-nit... i hafta pack up my ish... this frekn stinks... X__<

but other than that, all is good! ^o^v

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just randomness... [12 Feb 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 3 people about this game.
roronoa zoro is the one that you love.
roronoa zoro is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about mike.
gica is the one who knows you very well.
desiree is your lucky star.
sorega ai deshou is the song that matches with roronoa zoro.
kiss is the song for roronoa zoro.
you're the only one is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and maybe is the song telling you how you feel about life
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LOL so true... so true...oh roronoa zoro is the guy on my icon for those that don't know....

hey....i cooked today... >> << ... royal chicken, man. LOL
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Hmm.... [01 Feb 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hey! well another day, another way to tell abt my life so far... i think im on xanga hiatus for a bit... since I don't feel like putting up anything on it... -gasps- im on lj! i should make a layout...besides, all the nosy ppl want to check out my xanga instead of my lj.... mwauahaha xD

newho! todays been fun and dandy! i think im failing alg. 2... no, no. wait.

i AM failing alg. 2 with my good friend, Miss Nikki!... ... eff'n teacher, i sweah. we always end up getting in trouble though... from spanish to math class... ;) lol

well i dont have much lj friends here... but i missed you guys! ^o^v -hugs- okay!! off i go! i wanna make a valentine's layout since its february now... xD

<3, mary

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me sry.... [28 Jan 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i havent been updating lately due to the fact that lj said my time was wrong (delayed by 2 hrs or something o_O) so they wouldnt let me post... i hope this works (-prays-)

hmm... so yeah! im working on a cg art site... >_>

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<_<...>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

i havent been updating lately due to the fact that lj said my time was wrong (delayed by 2 hrs or something o_O) so they wouldnt let me post... i hope this works (-prays-)

hmm... so yeah! im working on a cg art site... >_> <_<... which i suck at. but im making a huge progress...i think. ;__;

i talked to diane!! shes such a good friend ;___; me miss you!! -hugs- ^______^ well off i go! i have xanga layouts to make and working on the site! i am NOT a computer geek... (...anyone know how to hack? >> <<; xD)

<3, mary
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chyllaXn [10 Oct 2004|03:38pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

man...im bored. lol i finished Hellsing! yay! yay! ARUCARD IS SOOO FREAKN AWESOME!! hes like, scarily cute to me now! shooot...he is cute! ^^ heehee...im a weirdo... lol okie; i have a 4day wknd since im exempted from my exams so yayness... and i have a kimono shop in gaia that i have to continue workn on but for some reasons; it wont allow me to go on... bleck. okay; church time...see yah kiddos!


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[03 Oct 2004|12:40pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

heeeeey! omg im like spazzing out right now. LOL magen-san...thank you! -huggles- -glomps- im waaay too hyper now... -sighs-

newho! better news: dunno really what else to say. LOL well...my day yesterday was all about ChyllaXn... i hung out with my parents and brother in the westshore mall... it was kinda ghettofied, but its all good! :D lol omg im spazzing out all my ish in seconds...lol man im really hyper!!

MAGEN-SAN DANG YOU FOR TELLN ME! ROFL maaaan....im having these butterfies in my stomach thinking about him... okay, im likin someone again... he doesnt go to my school... instead... gibbs or something. ;_____; i need to talk to someone that goes to gibbs... but i dont want them to think im just talkn to them b/c of that... man im retarded.... i hate it myself when ppl talk to me just b/c they wanna get something in return... its bull. so i wont ask anyone. -honest-

-sighs- omg im hyper... this is sooo uncool... lol OMG homecoming is coming up! i need to lose weight! LOL i think i am going to homecoming...im honestly not sure... lol man...that would be soo cool. if magen-san went with our dates...of the same name! LOL but itll be too good to be true if my date will come...man im havin butterflies in my stomach...lol

okay, i think im going offline...ttyl kiddos! wow, is this my longest entry in LJ? LOL im such a xanga person.... xD

-edit @ 8:52pm-

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Fr!day [01 Oct 2004|11:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hey! wasup?! its finallly friday and im chyll-axn like usual.... today was stressful...tests everywhere and shyt happening....but nothing new! ^^' im just sleepy now.... -yawns-...update 2mrw...lol ...i guess i felt like posting for no reason...its like a spaz.

btw->in love again. ... i feel so lonely without him. ;_; i wanna talk to him... this sux like hell. okay whats with the "..." ? its like a spaz...again. xD lol

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capiche! [26 Sep 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey hey! wasup?! i finally finished my new xanga format! :D "I'll Be With You Til The Very End" ft. Sakura Haruno (from Naruto)...but the way, its a Fallen Sakura Petals vrsn 3.0 ...go check it out! (www.xanga.com/frzn_lilyv)! lol im happy b/c i was wondering what kinda format i wanted... so whoo hoo! :D

okay, so now im suppose to be workn on my hw, but i have a feeling that i wont have school 2mrw since hurricane jeanne is reckn florida (but im not complaining) lol ...woah, ive been having blackouts lately... >_> like this one... oh well. i'll post this when it comes back on. lol xD stupid stupid, i love the rain thou.

okay, im offically rambling...lol its back! whoo hoO! okay! off i go! see yah kiddos! ;)

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h3ct!c [22 Sep 2004|08:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

...this wk is soo hectic, i sweah. ap bio test today (retakes), spanish test that was pointless, and so much more ish. but its all good! ^^; i hope... newho....

happy bday kuzn hope! ;) love yah, hun!

on the 19th of next month, ill be raving to 5 songs (rave=dancing with glowsticks, not the ewwy parties lol)... japanese, korean, english, spanish, and french. LOL i plan to find a good flip tekno song and rave, but we'll see... i actually found one, but its scratched...x_x...oh well. i dunno what else to say really....o_O.... go utada with her tekno remixes!

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FINALLY! [17 Sep 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

friiidaaay!! OMG i was gettn annoyed that it wasnt friday! so it is!! WHOO HOO!!!! ^^; thank you, Lord! newho! got my prog. reports...2As and 2Bs.... bah, its okay.... i got saiyuki vol.4!! whoo ho! i wanted to get cheeky angel (i read the first and i read the begnng pages of the second), bleach (sounds funny too!), getbackers (that one guys is hott... forget his name, the main guy with the spikey hair..?), imadoki (yay! go yuu watase!!), and im saving for gravitation dvd 2... ;_; im soo broke. lol

OH! one piece is comin out this sat. >_>" ... they changed zoro's name to zolo.... WTF?! ><""" its ZORO!! AHHH!! STUPID----BLECk?!?! zoro = my fav. lovable bishonen -heart- ...annnnd...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, KAKASHI!!! he's 27 now (ahh! hes getting older!)!! but thats okay, hes still one of my bishonens! (but cant be zoro!) ;)

btw, im changing to xanga.... im planning for it to be a fallen sakura petals again, different version! ^^v im gettn excited! whoo hoo!! lol okay! i found the lyrics of this tyt j-song!! Starstruck by M-Flo feat. Heartsdales im out, kiddos! ;p


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for the Xanga Community [12 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

uhhh......i joined the community for xanga since i really am a xanga freak. lol yes, im xanga addicted! newho! heres my xanga link button thingy i made to log into it.


*ps-for those that have their own personal xanga link button, post here and we'll switch, k? whoo hoo! lol

kay! g2g for now! volunteering 2mrw and im going to meet mona! ^^v seeee yaah!


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bored... [10 Sep 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | okay ]

yeah...bored. lol im talkn to gica right now...made a new xanga link button for moi....i honestly hope we dont get school on friday. you know what? i dont get how ppl say someone is perfect. "omg shes or hes all what i wanted" "i longed for someone like her or him" when they just new each other. i think thats bull shit.. its not my business, but i just wonder. whats the first step of making friends? 1.)BEING POLITE. so basically, its the first step of friendship. and yet, everyone's saying "OMG HES OR SHE'S THE ONE." when you dont know how many ppl they're hurt. either way ppl, face reality, we're only in highschool. high school will separate the ppls from college...and thats when we get serious with the future. im not dissing anyone. im just saying i dont understand. or maybe im too asian to realize it. you know what, skrew this topic. better things:

i cooked breakfast with mike... LOL disorientated pancake pix in xanga....played the pkmn game (whoo hoo!).... uhh...laundry and then pc...oh yeah! had chicken wings for dinner (yum). lol kkz, im going! see yah!


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whoo hoo! [09 Sep 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

thats soo cool! im off from groundation to probabtion! haha! lol newho! somethn wrong happnd to me on tuesday...i dont feel like typing it so go to my xanga to read it... its kinda depressing, you know? (www.xanga.com/frzn_lilyv). newho! in a lighter note! heres the pix that my friends from the g33k 5qu4d wanted... LOL sry abt that guys, kinda forgot to disable my right click... yeeaah..lol xD

wow...i just copied and paste whatever i had on my xanga...hopefully this code will work. LOL okay! well i think im going to go...but before i go: DIANE! I LOVE YOU! ^^v okie! g2g! i have 30 mins left to use the pc and im thinkn of changing my xanga...again! lol xD see yah! btw! HURRICANE IVAN COMING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ...wait, im not scared...its just another free week of school! LOL just kiddn! hope everyone will be alright! i'll be praying for each and every one of you!! ^^; cuz mary just loves you like that! heehee! ttyl then! lol


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greeaat. [07 Sep 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

hey. man i got my ass busted today with mike. aint all that happy right now. buuut, i just wanna say that i wont be updating as much as i want in both xanga and lj. fuck. shyt. fuck. maaan... im soo not happy. so yeah. just gotta say that. i posted up pix from friday on my xanga (www.xanga.com/frzn_lilyv)...so if u wanna see it, have fun. oh btw, im grounded from going out with the fellow g33k 5qu4d members... the only thing im lookn forward to is the pkmn game on friday (<--still a sucker for those). soooo yeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... ujval & i decided to quit aim together cuz its distracting...(well, he'll be online at night...me in the early afternoon for like 15 mins). if you wanna talk, call my cell.

btw, g33k 5qu4d...sry i couldnt come with you guys today ;_;

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...0_o? [06 Sep 2004|05:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

OMG it erased. wtf?! i just clicked on the rich mode to see what it was and my update erased! ><"" one of the reasons why i hate livejournal... bah, oh well. i'll just retype it!

to start off, WHOOO HOOOO!! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!! i was hopn not and such! ^^v and lemme see.... i honestly hope they dont remove friday's day off b/c of today or from last friday! ;-; haha! Pokemon Leaf Green game is coming out this friday! you're prolly thinkn: "WTF? YOU'RE STILL INTO THAT?!" ....HELLAH YEAH MAN! dont diss it! im still a daym sucker for those cute rpg games such as pkmn!! xD heehee!

okay! i have to do this spanish report thing. estoy en espanol cinco y tambien me gusta la clase...aunque mi profesora no le gusta yo en el ano pasado. LOL wow, im so bad in my spanish. soooo yeah! i was workn on the report thing like at 3am b/c i thought it was due today and i had school today as well... and heather (OMG I LOVE YOU, HEATHER!) ims me, "why are you up doing hw? its labor day today." ...man im retarded! ROFL! and then riva ims me sayn its due wednesday. LOL wow! thanks to the both of you!! whooo hooo! haha! im stupid! xD you can tell how much i pay attention in class!

btw! i updated pix in my xanga from friday with my bro & the g33k 5qu4d (-gasp!- do i 5p34k l33t? haha!)! it was mucho fun, im telln yah! click on my trueloneliness website ontop and you'll see it. man im xanga addicted! i even made a small button for this lj! LOL i love makn banners and buttons! ^^; they get me easily amused after i finished the whole project!

i hope this works...newho! gotta go! update later!


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Surprised? [05 Sep 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey wasup?! wow! its been forever since i updated this thing! newho! i'm going to try and keep this lj running as much as i can! ^^v sooo, heres what happened:

1.) friday: hung out with the g33k 5qu4d and my bro... went bowling, taco bell, and then hung out at the mall with them. LOL pix are coming soon. no worries (sean, you see that? SOOOOOOOOON lol)
2.) saturday: chylld with my pc and then went to church...i saw my hott classmate again...lookn at me...lookn at him.... but we never talkd cuz uh...we're at church. lol yeahhh...
3.) sunday: chylld with my pc again! lol had quite the hurricane day today! i love the rain and wind! ^^ heres a few convo's i had with ppl today abt it:

Heather: Are you enjoying your hurricane?
Me: honestly, i am! i love the rain and the wind! xD
Heather: me too!
Me: yay yay!
Heather: The tree in my front yard is falling apart piece by piece
Me: OMG I KNOW! theres a palm tree infront of my neighbor's yard and i see it tilting...tilting...tilting...
Me: im waitn for it to fall lol
Heather: LOL
Me: how abt you!? lol
Me: hold on, lemme look at the tree for a sec
Heather: kk
Heather: lol?
Heather: Has it fallen?
Heather: LMAO
Me: WHOO HOO!! i see its roots!!
Heather: WHOOOOOOOOOOO did it damage anything?
Me: LOL no!
Heather: Good.
Heather: Gosh
Heather: Poor neighbors

Sean/Senen: omg there is a guy outhback on his boat!
Sean/Senen: wholly crap
Sean/Senen: i will be back..gonna go take pictures of him
Me: LOL kkz
Sean/Senen: omg we are all going to die!
Senen: it's the strongest storm EVER to be that far south
Senen: that's really scary
Senen: that means it has all this time to get stronger and stronger
Senen: then come to kill us all
Senen: OMG if i die mary i want you to know i love you

awwh! love you too, sean! you were SOO cool to hang out with! good times, you pimp! (LOL)

Tyler/Tidus: we(')re dead

And Daniel is having kicks with the hurricane: (his xanga that he updated)
"has anyone had any desire to have a hurricane come to your house well today might be your lucky day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LOL yeah, thought that was funny! okay! well, this is the new layout so i hope you guys like it? ...:/ though its kinda bit too pinky for me, but its cute, i admit... okay! ttyl!


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new day...old schedule... [28 Jul 2004|09:31am]
[ mood | alright.... ]

hey kids! lol sry, i was busy fixn my new xanga! newho! wasup wasup? today's gonna be boring and fun at the same time...since im all alone!! T-T awwh... mikes volunteern and my parents are at work!! wow.... i got a letter from my cousin jayson (filipinas!)! man, i love him like my older brother! hes soooo awesome! -yawns- man, im sooo tired. went to bed at 1:30 just hangn at mikes room & talkn about some funny topics... and i woke up around 7ish this morning... gah, i need sleep... -yawns again-

hm? what else? im lookn behind me at this basket of laundry that i dont even want to do. but you know parents: they come in from work: "what did you do today?" with a stern look. so i could say laundry... hahaha! lol sneaky sneaky!

gotta go! i think i'll do the laundry and then play ddr later cuz i couldnt play yesterday and i got sooo much to improve!! imma try chaos!! ish fun! xD see ya latahhhhh!!

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